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General Questions
Technical Questions
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General Questions

I signed up for the complimentary AARP membership and now I'd like to change my personal information. How do I do this?

Simply call AARP customer service at 1-888-687-2277 and an agent will help you with your request. You may also send email to

What if I need to return my RealPad?

If you purchased your RealPad from and wish to return it for a refund, we will accept returns* within 30 days of purchase date if accompanied by your receipt. Please call RealPad customer service at 1-866-716-9881 or email your question to  for the address to which to ship your RealPad and any further information you may require. If you purchased your Realpad at a participating retailer, you must return it to the retailer in accordance with the retailer’s return guidelines.

My RealPad is not working properly, who do I call?

If your RealPad has a defect* and you would like a replacement sent to you, regardless of where you purchased it, please refer to the “Zingarr Limited Warranty to End-Users” provided in the original packaging with your RealPad and contact RealPad customer service at 1-866-716-9881 or or email your question to  for further information on how to process your request.

*Please note, we cannot accept product that has been modified, tampered with, misused, physically damaged or subjected to abnormal conditions for refund or warranty replacement.

Technical Questions

How do I turn on my RealPad?

The power button for the RealPad is located on the right side of your tablet, just above the volume controls. Simply press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn on your RealPad.

Do I have to have a Google account to use my RealPad?

No, it is not required, however you may find it helpful to create a Google account during the RealPad setup process to fully utilize all the benefits of the tablet. Google software includes cloud storage, Gmail and Google Play Store.

Please note that you do not need to have a Google email address (Gmail) to email on RealPad. The tablet works with all the most popular POP email services,such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

Does Wi-Fi cost money? If so, can I get it for free somewhere?

Yes, there is an added cost to having a Wi-Fi (i.e., wireless Internet) network in your home. You will need to pay for Internet service from your phone or cable provider and connect it via a wireless router (which some companies provide as part of their service). If you rent an apartment, some residential facilities include free access to Wi-Fi networks. If you don’t want to pay for Wi-Fi directly or indirectly (i.e., as part of your rent) there are a number of stores, cafes, restaurants, public libraries and other public places that offer free Wi-Fi access.

Can I use my RealPad without Wi-Fi?

Yes. You can use your RealPad without a Wi-Fi connection; however you will have limited capabilities. You will not have the ability to utilize any apps that require an Internet connection. Certain public places like cafes, coffee houses and public libraries provide free Wi-Fi connection.

What is Android KitKat?

KitKat is the version of the Android operating system being used on your RealPad.

App Questions

What are apps?

An app (short for mobile application) is a computer program designed specifically for a mobile device like RealPad, which comes with a number of useful apps preloaded. Many other apps are available online. Apps let you do specific things like browse the Internet, play a certain game, or access news,entertainment and services like banking.

What apps come pre-loaded on the RealPad?

RealPad comes pre-loaded with AARP content and many popular apps including AccuWeather, Email, Calendar, Facebook, NBC News, a multitude of games, and many more. For a full list of pre-loaded apps, click here to visit our pre-loaded content page.

How do I get apps?

RealPad comes preloaded with many useful apps. You can always add more apps to your RealPad by downloading them from the Google Play Store. The Google PlayStore is located on the main screen of your RealPad.

What is the Google Play Store?

Google Play is Google’s app store where you can download third-party (i.e., from companies other than Google) apps, books, movies, music and games for your tablet. Some apps are free and others must be purchased, typically for a small fee.

Can I only download apps from the Google Play Store?

Yes. RealPad is an Android-based tablet. Since Android is Google’s mobile operating system, you can only download apps from the Google Play Store.

Do all apps cost money?

While many apps are free, there is a charge to download some apps. Certain apps, like those for newspapers and magazines, may be free to download but charge users to access the content, much like paying for a subscription.